Need Advice

We are in the market for several radios that can be used by the
condominium administrator and the maintenance employees to communicate
with each other. The distance between the administrative office and our
3 interconnected condominium buildings is not great. However to be
usable, it is necessary that somebody inside an apartment can send and
receive. Our buildings each have 3 stories, 2 apartments on a floor,
and are made of concrete block.

Price is a concern, but the radios must be able to do what we want them
to do. Are there some radios you can recommend?


The Motorola CLS series of business radios is ideal for your situation. They are very small radios with great battery life. Using business frequencies will make you less susceptable to unwanted outside interference. The Motorola CLS 1110 would likely be perfect for you.

If you are looking to spend less money, you could go with a consumer (FRS/GMRS) radio. The Motorola SX700R and Midland GXT-600-VP4 are good choices. These models aren’t as durable and don’t have the battery life of the CLS series, but they will deliver the range you are looking for.