need advice - radios at a moderate distance

I have read some of the posts in this forum as well as customer reviews of a few 2 way radios and have come to the conclusion that many radios have difficulty at long range if they are not in ideal conditions.

I need to get a couple radios to be used within a 3 square kilometre area that contains numerous buldings and obstructions.

I was wondering if anybody has any advice with regards to radios that will work in this environment but are also affordable.


I believe 3 square km would be one and a half to two miles in the worst case. With heavy obstructions, it would be unlikely that a higher powered, low cost consumer radio - like a Midland GXT800VP4 or a Cobra LI7200 - would do the job. These models could probably be counted on to deliver around a mile in the conditions you describe.

For more range, I would suggest you move up to a true 4 watt commercial quality radio, like the Kenwood TK-3202L. We can custom program this radio go consumer GMRS frequencies if you like.