Need advice on programing Motorola cm200/cp400

Hey all. new here and little radio experience. I have a few Motorola radios and want to configure them to the same frequency.

I bought a usb to (what looks like) Cat5 cable. But I do not have the software to get in and see what frequencies are in the radios and to change them to a consistent frequency.

My laptop does not have a CD drive btw.

is there a place I can download the software?

First step, a friendly local Motorola dealer and ask for help. Motorola, worldwide, are quite fiery on any of their software being made available - even for older radios. The upshot for a newcomer is that probably ebay is the place to start, but websites offering it are getting rarer as they get emails from Motorola advising them that their software is always licensed, and never available for a straight sale. It’s like windows - you buy a licence, not a product - you are always using Windows with permission.
The mobile has the RJ45 type connection, but I don’t know the portable? Does this have the usual Motorola multi-pin connector? You’ll need that too. I have had a quick look around and there are people offering the software at the moment. Frequency wise - you’ll need to buy whatever licence your country requires of course.

Thanks Paul. I did pick up the RJ45 cable, but am looking for the software (non CD as I have a laptop without a CD drive) and some level of assistance to walk me through how to verify and change a frequency

As a Motorola dealer, we may be able to program the mobile for you, depending on the model. If it is the current CP200d, that should not be an issue. However, if it is the original CP200, it may be a little more challenging, because it’s been out of production for a long time.

The CP200 was intended as a business radio, so like Paul said, the CPS for commercial tier radios is generally licensed to dealers.

I am not familiar with a CP400 handheld. Do you mean the PR400?

Yes, these are older radios (I also have a pm400) that we use in our race cars

Depending on what you are looking wanting…the last version of the Commercial series CPS (for CP200, CP200XLS, CM200, CM300, PR400 and PM400) was R05.18NA however, the last version to natively allow for the programming of wideband (5.0 kHz deviation) was R05.16NA. R05.17 and R05.18 can do wideband but require a wideband entitlement ID. Commercial series CPS shouldn’t have any issues running in a 64 bit environment or on a Windows 10 machine (otherwise it would be voodoo as it works on both my Ryzen 7 workstation and i5 Dell laptop both running some form of Windows 10 64 bit).

As to where to find the software…it’s around but you may be able to locate it via creating a MOL business account for no cost.

I seem to remember the PR400 requiring the dumb cradle programming adapter like the P1225 did but I could be wrong in that respect. I don’t think I’ve messed with a PR400 since the radios went out of production in 2012.