Need advice. Motorola vs Midland

Newbee here!!:smiley: I am looking at getting some new 2 way radios to replace the little Cobra ones we have. I will use these for many things including biking, vacation, shopping, keeping in touch with the kiddos around the neighborhood and stuff like that. I’m trying to stay in the $50-$60 price range for a set of two. I have narrowed my choice down to these two; Motorola MR350R and the Midland GXT860VP4. Any one have advice or opinions on these two models? Is there others I should look at too? All advice and recommendations welcome. Thanks in advance.

The goal is usually range vs size and price.

The bigger the handheld, the bigger the battery, the larger the antenna - the further it will probably talk and will talk longer on a battery charge.

The cheaper the handheld, the smaller the battery, the smaller the antenna - the less time you will get out of it before the battery goes dead and it might have slightly less range.

The Motorola 350R is a very popular model right now.
I have never had a real problem with any of the Moto’s ever, except one early set that had some battery issues - and that was 15 years ago!

The Cobra’s tends to be a little cheaper - hence a little less durable.
>>>> I don’t like Cobra’s!<<<<<<
Buy what ever suits your needs…

Take a look at the Midland GXT 1000’s, I have a set that replaced an old set of Midland G-11’s. I have not been disapointed with them.
I do have a GMRS License but the old G-11’s were only GMRS. So I tend to stay on those channels.

I have had Midlands for years and they have never disappointed me. They came with home and auto chargers and headsets which come in real handy driving. And don’t believe the 50 channels. They all have 22, Midland just reused those channels (frequencies) with different PL codes. And the 30 mile range is a joke for any walkie talkie, even a $1000 commercial model.