Need a better headset our business radios

I am, unfortunately, the “communications manager:mad:” for a very busy, fast-paced dental practice in Cincinnati. Each of our forty-five employees carries and uses the Motorola Talkabout 2-Way Radio handsets, which we have now begun purchasing from (great price & service.) These handsets are perfect for our heavy-use workplace.

Our problem is with the “Radio Shack, 2-Way Radio Hands-Free Headsets.” We desperately need a new headset, one that is more durable, that will stand up to the demand we constantly place on them. I buy these at Radio Shack for $19.95 +tax, and the 1-Year Extended Warranty for $3.49. Every two-to-three months I return eight-to-ten of these defective headsets, and am given a new replacement handset. I buy the extended warranty on the new, “free” set, so consequently I am simply turning-in bad sets and receiving a never-ending supply of new headsets for $3.49. It’s a great deal, except it has become labor intensive, taking me away from my real job of Health & Safety Officer and light bulb changer. (I’m not all that popular with the Radio Shack manager, either.)

Our present headsets have the earplug, the clip-on microphone (w/ push button talk,) and the plug & cord that goes to the handset. Can ANYBODY recommend a more durable headset in this configuration, that will work with our handsets? The units I’ve seen in stores and online appear even more fragile than the RadShk brand.


Hi oldmaster, sorry to hear about your headset dilemma. I will be honest and say most of the headsets these companies put out under $20.00 are not designed to last long. I would be especially cautious about “RadioShack” branded headsets (which basically all come from the same manufacturer in China).

I have been providing a dentist office in Ohio with Otto earpieces and they have been doing VERY well with them. The Otto earpieces are actually built in the USA (woot woot, don’t find that anywhere!) and carry a two-year warranty. The price is slightly more expensive depending on the model ($25-39) but thats not too far from your $20 + $4 warranty price.

What model radio are you using and do you have a picture of you particular ear-style of headset? I can help you pick out the corresponding Otto model.

Your unit appeared to be an old-fashoined headset. There are already wireless headseats which are endorsed and vended in the marketplace. This could also be bought online.

the best thing would be to try wireless headsets. you may look up for some models of sony and panasonic in market

I agree with the Otto brand. I sold them for years into public safety and the oil & gas industry. They make good products.

Obviously you are using the wrong radio and the wrong application…

FRS / GMRS is not designed for buisness use.

I don’t know what the legalities is - but something as sensitive as a doctors office shouldn’t be operated on a public use frequency - too much liability with doctor / patient confidentiality…

The obvious choice would be to find a LMRS dealer and buy professional grade transceivers with professional grade headsets - even the stuff used at most McDonalds. Burger King etc is much better then what you have.

If you cannot find a dealer to suit your needs, you can contact Racing Radios and I am sure that they could find a solution to your problem.