Need a 2 way radio with the most range

I need a two way radio that has a range of 25 miles or more.We are into construction and we work in jungles and cities in Nigeria.The cost of using cell phones to constantly communicate with colleagues is really expensive and we want to purchase 2 way radios to cut down cost on our cells.I was interested in the Trisquare TSX300 but after reading your review on this product,i realized it will not serve the purpose i need. I need a two way radio that covers the highest range of all the radios, it should be hand-held with clear communication between moving vehicles. I am looking for advice from you more experienced users. Thank you


The most powerful radios that we have available for outdoor communication are the Motorola AXV5100’s. These are 5 watt VHF radios, but unfortunately they are not going to provide anywhere close to the 25 miles of range that you are looking for. Two to three miles is the most I would feel comfortable telling you to expect from them, but this could go up or down depending on the terrain.

The only way you would be able to get 25 miles would be with a repeater. It sounds if you are frequently moving from location to location, and if this is the case a repeater may not be convenient for you. Repeaters are typically not very mobile, and would have to be setup in a high location near the center of the area you are looking to cover.

The AXV5100 is a fully programmable radio, so it is capable of working with or without a repeater.