Need 2 way radio with power on off option

I recently purchased a set of Cobra microTalk CXT280 radios. We use them to communicate with the grandkids as they ride and play in the neighborhood. we like them but they have no off switch and as we keep them charged we often hear others communicating on them. We have tried several channels but it still happens. Can someone recommend somethings just as nice but powers on and off for FRS use? I have been looking at the midland GXT760VP4 and GXT795VP4. Please advise.

Maybe a silly suggestiuon, but I’ve never heard of a radio you can’t turn off.:eek:

Try turning the volume knob past minimum sound, as it may also be the on/off switch. It should give a slight click as it turns off if this is the trick.

The “mode” key serves as the power on and off key as well. Try holding the mode key down until it shuts down. I hope this works for you.