National NC-57 tube reciever

How difficult is it to restore?

Capacitors drifting out of spec, tubes possibly needing replacement, but most other parts are either working or broken. Daft things. The cores in trimmers broken by being dropped, noisy switches where contacts have corroded. Sometimes an easy spray fix, but replacements will be difficult. Old kits can have very long lives. Does it work? Puffs of smelly smoke from failed capacitors will probably be the worst.

So,I should jump right into the restoration,sounds cheap & easy!!
Thank you sir !

Well probably not too expensive. Easy? Well that’s more based on your skill level?

Well,I’ve jumped into her ! Replaced the cord with a three prong, pulled out speaker & thought about puting in new one.( they say its the thought that counts)And now,after midnight,Im staring at a tube tester that my friend had up in a barn! I havent seen a tube tester since I was 14. Well,tomorrow is another day. Thank you my friend for fair warning… but Im taking the challenge!