Hello My Name is David C Sr. I think this forum can help me. What I need is a radio to use at nascar events. I have a good pair of headsets, (H41 from Ruggedradio) it has a place for a 5 pin cable to hook up to a two way radio. I’m going to use them at the tracks. These headsets have a push to talk button on top. Then using a two way I can talk to a friend, about the race when its going on.If you have never been to one Race. You don’t how “LOUD” it is !!! I can’t afford a super big expensive radio.

I appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you for your time:confused:

David Crockett Sr

Can’t find the H41, but if they are similar to the H42, you will need a coil cord that matches the radio brand and pin output pattern of the two-way radio you select.

For high-end headsets, you can usually get cord adapters for MOST professional business-class radios. You can SOMETIMES also get headset adapters for some popular consumer-class FRS/GMRS radios.

So before anyone can advise you, we need to know exactly what you are looking for in a two-way radio. Do you want complete privacy, your own channel, shared channels, consumer-level construction you can throw away every few years, rugged business-class construction, weather-proof design etc.? So decide on the radio first, then see if you can get an adapter.

You will not be able to hook up just any two-way radio to your headset without an adapter unless it is designed for only one make and model of radio. Every brand radio is different.