Nagoya Base Antenna

I am looking for information regarding the Nagoya BA-6100E 2m/70cm base antenna. I am planning to use my Yaesu FT 7900R ham radio for a base as well as a mobile. Does anyone know what its wavelength is ?
Does it have a low SWR as it is claimed to have ?
How durable is it during blizzards and hurricanes with high winds ?

I will be mounting it on a 10 foot mast using 50 feet or less of RG8x coax off of my deck.
Any information will be appreciated.


Wavelength? 70cm or 2m, but that presumably isn’t what you mean? Can’t comment on hurricanes as luckily we don’t get them here’s! RG8 is pretty poor at UHF and not brilliant at VHF so I’d be looking at something with lower loss. UK brands probably won’t help, but the source of the antenna will usually have better stuff available.

I agree with paulears, the RG8x is pretty poor for VHF. It is used mainly for HF, especially if you use a remote auto tuner at the base of the antenna. I use LMR400 for my base 2m/70cm antenna. There is a pretty good chart at on loss comparisons on coax.

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