Nagoya 771 antenna

I’m hearing that Nagoya will be discontinuing the 771, any truth to this?

Nagoya is a rubber stamp company, like Diamond. Common designs used by dozens of factories, all labelled nagoya, in the same green or orange sleeves. Buy two, six months apart and they were different anyway. People often called them counterfeits, but they’re just sort of open source. It will take ages to disappear if one component manufacturer stops making one critical component. To be honest, i dont know why they were so popular. Performance was always very strange. If you have an analyser, put one on it and look at its performance. Very strange.

Very true. Listen to paulears.

Nagoya takes great pains to explain about counterfeit antennas, when in reality, every single antenna made in China is a copy of something else. Basically, everything is counterfeit. They like to point fingers at “counterfeit” antennas because: a) their antennas are really hit-and-miss, and some have SWR numbers high enough to harm your radio; and b) it makes their name seem so “desirable” that other companies rip them off.

They are NOT the Gucci of antennas. Some are better than stock antennas; most are not.

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