My VHF Yaesu 2 Way Radio

i am sorta new to radios an i am a cfa volunteer… i recently purchased a yaesu 2 way radio an i can receive but cant send… i live in Victoria Australia…

i heard that the radio is made not to be able to send so you cand interfere with emergency services, i was wondering if this was true…

i also heard that you can open up the radio and change a few things for it to able to send…

does anyone know how i can get around this problem so i can receive and send…


You can start by telling us the model of radio. :rolleyes:

It’s probably something to do with PL/DPL.

its a FT-1802… made by yaesu.

Thats a ham rig and tx is probably locked out once outside the ham bands. Is your desired frequency outside the hambands ?

I’d agree.

“Opening up the radio” and “changing a few things” to expand the TX of the radio is a HUGE oversimplification, and illegal in the US. Not sure about Australia though.

Regrettably, with a lot of rigs, this is an easy task, since a lot of amateur rigs are based on commercial equipment. It is easier to add a diode here and there than design a whole motherboard for each model.

So many folks use modified amateur rigs for other services, when in the USA you cannot do without a specific FCC type acceptance.

Even on the ham bands, you cannot use a commercially manufactured rig that hasn’t had Part 15 approval for the receive stages… something of high debate…

That atleast is not a problem in Canada. Ham rigs are considered experimental so we can use most anything on the ham bands here.

Hi Stebbo,
As no-one seems to be offering you constructive advice, here goes.

That should sort your problem out.
It seems to be that anyone asking for a way to mod a rig, is the object of shock and horror!
Not everyone lives in the US, and restrictions are not as rigorous in other countries when it comes to playing with rigs (as the VE4 station pointed out).
This is a help, discussion forum, and I’m sure that many users are aware of their own legal ramifications if they do something that they shouldn’t with their rig.
My motto is, “If you have nothing useful to say - Say nothin’”
Sorry for being so outspoken, being a newbie an’ all, but I just like to give my opinion where I believe it may help.
Have a good one!


Well PPH, the OP specifically mentions the fact that radios are made to not interfere with public safety frequencies, which he is right. Obviously Australia has some sort of laws regarding this as well as the US. Which is why I stated what I did.

I have a motto too. “If you feel you are right, state your opinion, even if it might be unpopular.”