My shack

here is a pic of my shack.

That’s a nice setup. It looks like you may need a bigger desk soon.

no, the wife says that is all that can be in the house…
all the rest of my stuff is in my shop…and looks like a typical ham shack…
messy, organized chaos.
The only other thing she lets me keep in the house is my “go box”.
That has an icom 7100 with an auto tuner, power supply and two motorcycle batteries in it…that way if there is power available I can run the power supply, if not, I switch to the batteries…I have both powered chargers and solar charging for the batteries…if we go out for field operating, i carry some dipoles and a homemade version of the buddypole antenna system.
My shop has 3 hf rigs, a couple of dual banders, an all mode 2M/440 rig and a solid state 500 watt amp out there…so if i am out in the shop messing with the motorcycles or bicycles, I always have those going in the back ground…

here you can see my shop in backyard

this is my go box with all the stuff inside ready to head out.

WOW!!! Nice setup… you obviously have been into this for a while. I’ll get there eventually. 73

since that pic was taken, I have replaced the Icom 756 ProIII with a Yeasu FTDX 5000 MP and replaced the ameritron 811H amp with an OM 2000+ amp.
The Icom and ameritron now serve as back up…got to take a bunch of stuff to the tailgate sale at the next Hamvention.