MXT400 power output

Per meters on a high quality power supply, my MXT400 draws 8 amps on GMRS channels at high power. On repeater channels, it draws a little over 4 amps on high power setting. Why the reduced power indication ?

whoever programmed it decided there was no need for full power. Repeaters are designed to be reciprocal. If they have lots of hand=held users, for example, the power output of the repeater to the receivers needs to be balanced again the signal from these handhelds, TO the repeater. The idea is that if the repeater cannot hear the outstation - that’s the limit of range. For a MXT400, it has 40W available - which would create a trick situation - you could be out of range of you hearing the repeater but with 40W it would hear you constantly calling and getting cross! Reducing your TX power is the sensible solution. Simplex - user to user this imbalance still happens - they hear you and answer, but you can’t hear them. Too much power is pointless as the system MUST be balanced.

Thank you for the response.