MXT400 as Base Station

If someone was going to use this in the home, what power converter supplying 13.8VDC would be recommended (what AMPs, etc.). There is a note in its manual that an External Power Jack connection terminal for optional power cable (sold separately), however there is no mention anywhere where THIS(?) IS sold. Anyone have any information?

The Owner’s Manual does state that the port is for an optional power cable that is sold separately, however The official word from Midland is that the company is currently not supplying that adaptor cable as an accessory for the MXT400.

As I understand it, this may be addressed in the future, but for now they do not offer this accessory. If they do decide to offer it in the future, rest assured we plan to carry it.

When I do use my mxt400 as a base, I use

I asked, the amp question, on two way radio youtube channel and he said it pulls 9 amps.