MXT115 Transmission Clarity

I have (4) GXT1000 handhelds and (3) MXT115 mobile units we use in our group when off-roading. Anyone talking on the GXT1000 can be heard and understood very clearly, but anyone transmitting in the MXT115 radios sound horrible. Very hard to understand. Sounds as if they’re talking too close to the mic, but they aren’t. It’s getting to where no one wants to use the mobile units, which blows my mind. Anyone else having that issue?

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Get this resolved?? I experienced similar symptoms you describe… broadcasting from my mxt115 one of the gxt1000 users could hear me fine however three others said I either they couldn’t understand me, I sounded like I was in a box, or was just too low if volume. So the closest gxt1000 user who heard me fine would relay my messages to the other gxt1000 usuers…