MURS Question

I don’t know where this thread really belongs so I figure I would post it here.

Me and my buddies go camping and hunting upstate and I was wondering what type of handie-talkies and system would be best for the situation. We have been looking at the Motorola CP100’s. I was looking at a mobile radio for my truck, specifically the Motorola CM200, it says it can operate on VHF frequencies and the Watts rang from 1-25, would this be considered as a legal MURS radio or no?


MURS has a 2-watt limit. Chances are, then, this radio is not type-accepted for MURS use.

John, Since the Motorola model that he is referring to is completely programmable, the power output could be set to meet that requirement and since it is VHF type accepted one would think then the deviations could be set up as well.

I did try to load the manual on that model but
my browser will not allow me to. maybe you or someone else could take another look into it and see if it is allowable. The link however is at another competitors site and therefore the URL cannot be posted on this board.


You may want to look at the Motorola XV2100. It meets the MURS requirements and is pre-set to MURS frequencies right out of the box.


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