Murs frequenices

Is there very active channel on MURS,?
And does MURS have a emergency channel to radio for help? I wish there was MURS radio had a emergency channel
Ch 9 on the my cb hand held
Is the emergency channel but I
Think murs radio should have
As emergency channel
And what channel is for prepers?

MURS is intended for private, general use rather than open, more social communications like CB. It is not as widely used by the public as other services, so emergency communications are not likely to be monitored. Also, there are only 5 channels available for MURS, so tying one up as a dedicated emergency channel greatly limits its use and is not very practical.

Although some preppers may use MURS for more private low power, off-grid communications between groups, they usually tend to stay with more widely used and accessible services such as GMRS, FRS and amateur radio.

As a service intended more for private use, MURS is a great option for groups who want keep their short range communications within their own local domain with less interference from other users outside their group. Since it can be used for personal or business use without a license, MURS can be an attractive option for certain outdoor team activities and some local shops and retailers. It is no secret that some big box stores such as Wal-Mart use MURS radios in their stores for staff communications. MURS is also used in some homes and private properties for intercoms, monitoring and audio surveillance systems, such as the Dakota Alert systems.

There is an in-depth discussion on MURS, including practical uses and its general applications in episode 11 of the Two Way Radio Show Podcast called All About MURS. It answers a lot of questions about the MURS service.


The thing about FCC liecese some you just need 70$ to GMRS with ham oh lord answer this and that study this and
That. Why can’t the FCC just stick the basics
Such as
Don’t not make threats over ham radio wait until someone finishes talking on ham radio
No rudeness. .
Some how I do wish that cb radio came back
Things was a lot of fun
Back than.
It says on the box on my MURS radio I can get fm radio NOAA radio how do I do that?

The reason the licensing and rules are different for each radio service is because each radio service is different. Some radio services such as GMRS are intended for general public use, so they are limited to operation within certain parameters, which means they don’t require a lot of training or instruction for operating on those frequencies.

The reason ham radio requires study and testing is because the amateur radio service is much, much more than that. It is intended for experimentation in the radio spectrum and allows the operator to build their own radio systems. Because it is a very flexible and powerful service that covers multiple bands and frequencies and allows the operator so much latitude, it also comes with great responsibility. It can also be quite dangerous if someone doesn’t know what they are doing. If the FCC just allowed anyone to jump in and start tinkering around without some sort of certification, instruction or training, things would be quite a mess, with potential interference to other services. Ham radio isn’t intended for general public use. It’s intended for radio hobbyists, experimentation and research.

It is not the only radio service that requires testing. There are others, and some of those can be costly and somewhat intense. But they are not for the general public either.

If your prior experience is only with CB, it is understandable to be a little confused and frustrated, as CB is very open and public compared to many other services.

As for obtaining NOAA frequencies on MURS, this is a fairly simple task, since both are on the VHF band and within the same frequency range. However, it also depends somewhat on your MURS radio. You didn’t mention what make and model you have, so this question cannot be fully answered until you do. If it’s a Wouxun or some other programmable MURS radio, it’s simply a matter of adding the NOAA frequencies you want into it. If it is a non-programmable radio like a Dakota Alert, adding NOAA frequencies may not be an option at all.


BTECH MURS-V1 MURS Two-Way Radio, License Free Two-Way Radio

With my cobra hand held cb radio with a telescoping cb antenna I do hear some active
And hear some near by active with my BTECH MURS-V1 MURS Two-Way Radio, License Free Two-Way Radio still reading the manual

On my bearcat scanner
Listening to ham
All they talk about my mic has gone bad
My dam radio is too old
Fried my circuits

Ham is nothing but electronics talk.

But like you said to each it’s own

What channel.on MURS in Phoenix Arizona is a good active channel to talk on?

Once again, the focus of ham radio is the electronics, because it’s intended as a technical and hobby service, and not for general public use like CB.

There are only 5 MURS channels and none of them are exclusive to any area. You can talk on any of the MURS channels you want in any city or state in the US. As for the most active MURS channel in Phoenix, I don’t live there, so I have no idea. You will just need to scan the channels and listen for activity.

Interested in MURS frequency, but worried about interference from Wal-Mart, can programming CTCSS code solve this problem, and whether Wal-Mart communicates on a fixed channel, please advise

Adding a CTCSS tone or DCS code can certainly help filter out interference from others on a channel, especially in areas where there is a lot of activity. I personally don’t listen in to the local WalMart, so I don’t know which specific channels they are using.

It would probably be prudent to monitor all 5 channels for signs of Wal Mart and then avoid that channel.

Here in California they use Channel 4 (154.570) or channel 5 (154.600)Walmart, Target, Costco and Sam’s club different Outlets uses these frequency.