MURS CTCSS squelch open issue on Motor RDM2020

I have three Motorola RDM2020 MURS 2 channel radios that work fine when talking to each other. They will transmit ok to other models/brands but will not receive from other models/brands. The led comes on green showing it is receiving the signal but the squelch does not open. I have confirmed the CTCSS code is correct on both radios. I have tried multiple codes both CTCSS & DTS with no luck. If I manually open the squelch on the RDM I hear nothing. If I turn off the CTCSS on the RDM it will recieve from another model/brand radio but the audio is extremely low. I can’t find any information online that indicates this should not work. I have noticed the RDM radio shows in the manual the bandwidth for the channels(not changeable) is 11.25khz for channels 1-3 and 20khz for channels 4&5. All other radios i’ve seen including the Motorola XTN XV2600(MURS) radio I have tested with show the bandwidth as 12.5khz/25khz. Is this difference of bandwidth causing the issue or are they both really the same and it’s just one states ‘utilized bandwidth’ vs ‘max bandwidth’??