Multiple DMR ID’s where to begin

I have a question, I managed to set up a pi-star hotspot, I run this with a Retevis RT3S, I’ve got openGD77 firmware running on the radio, everything works as it should. I have the pi-star running as Brandmeister as the master gateway, I downloaded a basic readymade Brandmeister code plug onto the radio. I added my DMR number and callsign into the code plug and when I log into the Brandmeister dashboard under self care I see it says my devices and there’s one hotspot listed. So now I’ve decided that I’m going to get a second hotspot and more than likely a second radio for mobile,basically to take in the car. I saw somewhere that if I’m running multiple hotspots or radios I have to add a 01 or 02 etc for any additional radios/hotspots, I’m not really sure how to go about this, do I have to set a second and third etc DMR ID on the self care page on Brandmeister self care before setting up additional hotspots/radios or just add the 01 prefixes when setting up the hotspot in pi-star and then enter that into the new radios code plug. I also would be interested in using multiple providers on the mobile setup such as DMR-Mark, Brandmeister and Free-DMR all from the same radio/hotspot, I realise there’s a few more steps of programming so will keep that to a different thread, at the moment I just need help with setting up multiple variations of my DMR ID atm. Not sure where to start.