MPT1327 Radios

Does anyone know anything about MPT1327 trunking radios? I was just looking at - Does anyone here know anything about MPT1327 radios that they can tell me and what the benefits are of using them instead of conventional radios?:cool:

MPT1327 is a trunking protocol.

MPT1327 is used largely in Europe and the Middle East is quite common in the UK. Many Police systems in the UK are/were MPT1327. There are a few systems in the USA. A large power company in the mid-west and few others as I recall. Not popular.

I believe the latest incarnation of MPT1327 is full digital, encryptable and I believe ‘unscannable’ by hobbyist scanner users.

I also believe that MPT1327 systems are used in most places much like Nextel/Iden is here in the country except on closed system/owned system basis and that Telephone intregration is a major draw to MPT1327.

Some say that Motorola has not fostered MPT1327 here due to Nextels existence. I fail to see the logic there but that is whole different kettle of fish.

Yamhill County Oregon just pulled the plug on their ‘new’ MPT1327 public safety system after a few years and millions of dollars- they could not get it to function property.

To my knowledge, like all trunking protocols, radios must be used on a their intended trunk system to reap the benefits (if any). If the are not, and are put into a ‘direct’ or talkaround mode they are just conventional line of sight radios and all those variables like power, band, digital/analog, and geography come into play.

So, for a GMRS.FRS type user, in my opinion, there is no advantage to MPT1327.

Not that one would even consider it but, I also believe that trunking of any stripe is verboten on GMRS/FRS.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but that bit is NOT correct. The UK Police never used a single MPT1327 system. In fact, only two trunked systems were ever used by them (both Motorola systems) before they switched to a nationwide TETRA system a few years ago.

The MPT standard is the predominant trunking standard for other, non-emergency users in the UK, however.