Moyorola gp340 programming

Hi, iv’e just bought 4 gp340 radios i need them programming to the frequencies that i have a licence for any suggestions near manchester,
also they need to be uhf how do i tell if they are,
cheers chris

You can read the model number off the inside. MDH25KDC9AN3AE is VHF and MDH25RDC9AN3AE is UHF.

You will need to purchase a programming cable and buy the programming software from a Motorola dealer. Alternatively, you can get the dealer who sold you the radios to program them for you to your assigned frequencies.

Be aware that the original programming cable from Motorola used a serial port interface, and the ones for sale today with a USB interface are flaky at best. You might need a special programming cable driver, and there is no guarantee it will always work with your computer. The best solution is to simply have your radio dealer program them for you. They will obviously charge you a fee for this service.

If you bought them off a place like eBay, then you are essentially on your own. You will need to find a place to buy the software and the cable, and hope that it works. Plus, there is no way to program UHF frequencies on the VHF model, so hopefully they sold you the correct ones.

They are a pretty simple and reliable radio, and there are still lots of them out there being used today.

Thanks for the information very helpful.