Mototrbo/DMR CPS with TX ID/Alias

Im stumped on how to keep my radios from all transmitting with the same name or mixing them all up even tho i THINK im programming them right(obviously im not). They transmit text messages and voice ok, but when i select the contact to send a text to it goes to all radios and no matter which radio transmits, the tx and rx all show the same name even tho each radio has a different name. Any ideas? Ive spent a couple weeks trying to solve this. Any ideas?

ETA, my PTT/vocal TXs are going thru with correct names for each. But texts are showing their unique call id’s but still showing the same contact name. Ive been at this for months =-|

I suspect you’ve not set the system up properly - remember digital radio has as a general rule - the ability to send to everyone, or groups, or individuals. This is text/data and voice. Setting up digital radio is very complicated until you understand it. The idea is you need to allocate unique IDs to each radio, then you put these ID’s into groups. Then, each individual, group or everyone can be called, if you put them in the right place. Obviously this means each radio has unique programming for it’s IDs and group contacts - you don’t normally call yourself, for example. If you miss out certain data entries in the programming - some things work, some don’t. With some programming, your radio can send it’s ID and name and other radios will display who is calling. Many folk struggle to get these things running properly - it’s a skill I regularly show I’m less than good at.

Paulears thanks for the response. To the best of my knowledge i have each radio with its own alias/id/name. Yet for some reason they all show the same name with calling/texting. If i send a text and select which unique contact to send to, it sends to all of them.