Mototrbo 4350 programming

I have 18 Mototrbo 4350 radios that i inherited as part of an operation i bought out. I want to continue to use the radios and add a few more. Problem is all i know if the frequency i dont know if they are operating on analog, digital, if they use ctcss, really anything. Is there a way i can find out any of this so i can purchase more and have them compatable. I would just take them to my local radio shop but they are extremely overpriced and just want to push high dollar radios and wont give me any details of how they have the radios setup.

Im pretty new to the two way radio game so any help is appreciated.

Join and ask on their for the software, I can’t find it with a quick look, but they’re a decent lot and somebody might have it. The 3000 series software is there, but cannot find 4000 series.