Motorola XTR446 and Standard HX750S

XTR446 is UHF 0.5W while HX750S is VHF 6W.Try it in the forest and the motorola get better range than HX750S(I put in 6W)
Is this normal?And where can I get a better antenna for the HX750S?

Heard that UHF is better for obstruction than VHF,But is it normal that there is a huge difference?one is only .5W while the other is 6W!!

Power is relatively insignificant to range at VHF and above.

You do, I hope, realize that using that HX750S (VHF Marine radio) is illegal in a forest?

It may not be legally used anywhere but on the water, and creeks don’t count.

And illegal marine VHF usage WILL get quite a bit of attention.

Yeah I know it is illegal but I used it in other country.:smiley:

Oh, I guess that makes it OK then?
Using an American radio service radio in another country can also be highly illegal as well. Some marine freqs are international, but not all.