Motorola XTNiD help required

Hi there,

I have a pair of Motorola XTNiD radio’s that I was gifted by a friend. They work amazingly with each other, unfortunately, I cannot get them to work with any one else’s radios. When on the same channel as anyone else I cannot hear anyone nor can they hear me on either of the two XTNiD, though the two XTNiD’s can hear each other.

I’m hoping someone on the forums knows what I might need to do, I’ve looked into the manual - link below - but can’t figure out what might be causing it. An RX code was set to 121 for several of the channels but I set this back to 0 - it affects all channels anyway - and I have ensured scramble is set off.

Am I doing something wrong?

Well, your radios are programmed on different frequencies than the radios you are trying to talk to. Your radios are programmed for a specific set of frequencies and the radios you want to talk to are likely programmed differently.

Almost certainly a mismatch of the CTCSS or DPL codes. Probably more likely to be that the other radios just don’t match. What will really help is a programmable radio that will operate on all the combinations, simply and be able to identify what exactly you are sending, and what will open the squelch on receive.

Thank you both,

Is there a way to find out what frequencies they are likely using?
The radios used by my teammates are extremely cheap models (around ?30 a set).

Thanks again

One possibility is to use a scanner or frequency finder to detect and identify the frequencies transmitted by the radios.

You radios are PMR, which I think is the UK version of GMRS. What radio service are your friend’s radios? If they are in a different radio service, then the frequencies aren’t going to match.