Motorola TRBO M7 Connector Pin Out Details

Hi All,

I’m hoping smeone may be able to shed light on a little project I’m trying to complete.

I do Course Marshalling on a motorbike for Road Cycling events. (I’m in Perth, Western Australia). I have an event coming up where the event organisers have hired P2000 rapid handhelds - I understand its PTToC.

Until now, I use UHF to communicate to the other motorbike marshalls which works well. I use a Sena headset

(20s Evo to a Sena SR10 - UHF to Bluetooth adaptor - which allows hands free comms)

I’m looking for is a wiring diagram for the Motorola M7 pinout info so I can make up a lead to connect from the P2000 (which has the Motorola M7 connector). Sena make an open ended cable which I already have the pin out info.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.