Motorola talkabouts not talking to each other

Hello, this is a long shot, but thought I would try. I have a pair of Motorola t5620 that have worked great up until now. I have everything set the same on both units. Channel 3-1 one has a display beside the channel number that looks like a speaker icon. the other does not. I find nothing in the manual regarding that symbol. If I talk into the one without the symbol, I can receive it on the other radio. Try the same with the that has the symbol, and I hear nothing on the other radio. If I push the ringer botton on the one without the symbol, they both will ring. Do the same to the one with the symbol and only it will ring. So, can’t use them this way. Any suggestions? I have gone though the manual completely. I am stumped. Thanks very much. Bud

You may have the Interference Eliminator Code (Page 21 in manual) set only on one radio.

Try checking that.

jwilkers.Thanks. I did have them set to the same but I went in to the area you suggested and changed it for 3-1 to 4-0. Bingo. Thanks so much. You won the prize and got the wife off my case for not knowing what I was doing. lol Have a great one. Bud

Glad you figured it out! Enjoy!