Motorola TALKABOUT T5500-NiCD

At the time of purchase this item was currently on backorder. I need to order 8 of these. Any word on when these will be available?


These are currently backordered with Motorola. I believe the T5500-NiCD was on the list to be discontinued, so there’s a chance we may not be getting any more. I will try to get a definite answer on this from Motorola tomorrow. You may want to look at the FV700R. It is very similar to the T5500, but with a few more features.


Any more word on this product? If it is discontinued and you wont be getting anymore in, how hard is it to switch my order to the T5550-AA, and give me store credit for the difference?

I got the final word yesterday from Motorola that the T5500R (T5500-NiCD) has been discontinued. We will not be getting more.

Everyone that had the T5500R on backorder with us was shipped the T5500AA and with a rechargeable battery upgrade kit (model 53614), which is the same as a T5500R. All backorders were filled and shipped yesterday (7/5/07), and you should have received an email with a tracking number.

If you have a specific question about your order, please call or email us.