Motorola Talkabout T400 questions

First of all, do these have the same microphone and speaker ports as other FRS/GMRS radios made by Motorola previously? What are all the roger tones? Do they include the “kerrr” sound like previous UHF/VHF radios like the CP200d? Curious, because that sound is pleasure to my ears. Do all previous Talkabout accessories work with it?

I can’t tell you what they sound like, since they aren’t due to arrive until sometime this month, but I can tell you that they do accept the standard Talkabout accessories. You can download the spec sheets for the T400, T460 and T465 on the product page for each model.

Re: accessories…

It looks like the higher end T465 comes with 2 earbuds and a case. Might be worth it for the extra $15, in case you’re looking.

I feel like the micro-usb vs mini-usb needs to be restated. Micro-usb is ubiquitous and shared charging with most cell phones and just about everything, whereas mini-usb is a bit harder to find. Worth considering if you find yourself scrambling for a charging cable in the wild.

Other than that, I don’t see much different from previous models. Not repeater capable, though not sure how much that’ll matter.

I am partial to gear that comes with a quality case, so I’m interested in checking out the T465 myself when it arrives. I also like the idea of including earbuds in the package. Uniden does this with a lot of their high end FRS/GMRS radios and it’s good to see another manufacturer doing this as well.