Motorola Talkabout radio muted and cant transmit... help?!

I just purchased a pair of Motorola Talkabout KEM-ML36100 radios and used them for one weekend. Some setting got messed up on one of them and now one of them can send a transmission but not receive anything. It also does not make any beeping sounds (like it is muted). Is there a way to reset the original factory settings or turn the mute off?


just make sure your settings match on both radios…channel and privacy codes…refer to the manual that came with the radio for these settings…if you don’t have the manual…google it…you can obtain it online at no cost.

you can fin it on motorola user manual, or Information, supply and service of various radios such as two way radio, motorola radio, radio licence, unlicensed radios in uk.