Motorola TalkAbout mh230r VS Motorola TLKR t40

Hi I wanted to buy Mozorola Talkabout MH230R but they cant be bought in europe. Then I went to Motorola corporate webpage and I actually found that they have different walkie talkies models in Europe and then I found Motorola TALKR T40. Both come at similar price

I have couple of questions:

  • TALKR T40 has range of 10km but TalkAbout mh230r has 23 miles which is quite a difference… How does that actually compare in real use?

  • can the TalkAbout mh230r actually be used and works inEurope or is made for USA market only? I can order mh230r from USA eBay but not sure if I can use it in Europe. It’s the range of the mh230r which is almost 3x the tlkr t40…

Please advice. Thanks

Although PMR466 and and GMRS similar types of radio services, they don’t operate on the same frequencies or under the same rules.

The Talkabout MH230R is intended for use in the US. Although technically it will work anywhere, it may not be legal to operate in the EU.

As for range, it’s really somewhat of a moot point. The manufacturers in the US promote maximum potential rage very loosely and aggressively. The rules for marketing range claims in the EU may be very different as well, so I wouldn’t make an apples to apples comparision based on the advertised range of the two models.

It is best to research the actual specifications of the T40 instead, such as the transmit power and average battery uptime. Also consider your environment and terrain, as that will have much more bearing on actual range and performance than transmit power alone, and certainly more bearing than what will be printed on the box.