Motorola Talkabout Comaptibility

Hello - I am brand new to this forum.

We got some Motorola T5000 radios for Christmas and have some older T4500 radios. The T4500 can “hear” the T5000, but the T5000 can’t “hear” the T4500. I’ve tried them with both radios set to the same channel, and tried a few different channels. According to the manuals, the channel frequencies seem compatible.

Is there anything else I need to do to enable these radios to work together?
Thanks in advance for any comments!

Hey! - I actually figured it out myself (with the help of the manual … :o ).

On the T5000, there is an Interference Elimination Code that needs to be set to zero to work with radios that don’t have that feature (like the T4500). After setting that to zero on the T5000, both radios are “talking and listening” to each other.