Motorola T9580R for use indoors

Does anyone have experience using this radio for indoor communications with ant success. We need to be able to communicate on 2 floors a few thousand feet. Is this an OK radio or should I be looking at something else

The T9580 is a good radio and should meet your needs.

In addition to providing great range as a two way radio, the T9580 is also a Hazard Alert radio, it features the SAME technology. With SAME technology, when a severe weather or civil emergency occurs an alert will sound notifying you of danger, and a description of the alert will appear on the display. No longer do you have to monitor the NOAA weather stations yourself, the T9580 will do it for you and pro-actively alert you to danger.

If you do not need this technolgy then the T9500 is what you need.

Either radio though will work for your situation.