Motorola T9500 questions

HI, I am new to the forum.

Just picked up a pair of Motorola T9500 radios and I have a few questions. They allow transmission at 2 power levels when on a GMRS freq based on what end of the PTT button you push. Does anyone know what the difference in power is?

These radios will be used on dirt bikes with a mic and ear phones mounted in the helmet and a push to talk button mounted on the handlebars. When used on a GMRS freq with the above mentioned set up will the radio transmit in the low or the high power mode? Would make sense that it is the high power mode since you cannot push the PTT button on the radio but you never know what those engineers are thinking. I would check this out myself but I have yet to order the wiring harness specific for the T9500 and would like to know before I buy it-if it transmits at the low power mode in this configuration then these radios will not work for me.

Thanks for your time, Pete

What you should try is do a radio test. have someone go down the street a
couple of blocks and do radio check see what works best. make sure you or
the other person are not in a car.

since you are on a dirt bike make sure that your radio dose not get wet
and that all wiring is covered from water, mud an dust.