Motorola T48X USB power?

Re Motorola T48X - USB power?

  1. Can the device be powered by USB alone, if there are no batteries?
  2. Can I plug in USB power if I’m using alkaline batteries? will it damage the alkaline batteries or affect the batteries in any way?

I don’t own this radio, however neither of your questions is answered in the Motorola T48X manual. This is the only mention of the USB feature:

"Using the Micro-USB Charger
The micro-USB charger is a handy port that allows you to
conveniently charge your NiMH battery pack.

  1. Make sure your radio is turned OFF.
  2. Plug the micro-USB cable into the micro-USB charging port
    on your radio.
  3. Connect the USB charger to a nearby and easily accessible
    wall power outlet.
  4. An empty battery will be fully charged in 14 hours.
  5. The battery meter on LCD will move to indicate the battery is