Motorola Sport 10x

My friends use these radios while on hunting trips but are no longer produced. What is a good commercial/business quality radio that compares to it. I would like to have 2 or more watts, VOX, possibly LCD screen, and definitly an option to use alkaline batteries (aa or AAA). I want to stay away from the bubble pack radios.

I guess my question is if I bought a CP110 or RDU4160D etc. that is programmable and UHF can I program the FRS channels on to it? I know that is against regulation I just want to know if it is possible.

“Against regulation” means against federal law.

Ok, this post is against forum guidelines. As a community forum we encourage the open discussion of communication related topics. However, any post that advocates, or details usage or modifications that are against FCC guidelines are not allowed. Regardless of how you feel about such guidelines, this is a community rule we had to establish.

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