Motorola Spirit GT+ Questions

Does anyone have the spec sheet on the charger for these radios?

I got one in recently without a charger, it has a battery and the battery has some life left it seems but without a charger its useless. So I need a charger, I know it uses the odd 3.5mm headphone style jack and but can’t find the charger voltage / amperage specs anywhere.

I am assuming its a 5v 1100mah or so but not sure. Anyone got one / know what the specs are?


It looks like the charger that you need is part number NTN9150A. This has been discontinued by Motorola, but maybe the part number will help you find a used one on an auction site or something. Unfortunately I’m not able to find any specs or details other than the part#.

Thanks Danny,

I was able to find a few for sale online various places. I was just hoping that I could pick one up at the local electronics store.

If I can find it I will update the post with the info as a reference.


Wanted to make sure this information got out here so if someone needs it.

I finally got a hold of someone with a charger and the output on the standard Motorola Charger for the Spirit GT/GT+ two way radio is 4.2 volts @ 400mA