Motorola Speaker damage, please help.

Hi everyone,
I have many MH370 and slightly older model of two way radios, and they all have been dropped soo many times that their speakers are damaged, I can barely hear out of them while other party can hear me fine. I’ve searched alot and I can not find the spec of those speakers. Can any one please help me as to what kind of speaker are they?
Power Rating?

I’m guessing 8ohm 0.1w?

please help.

Thank you

ok so i took apart the unit and on the speaker it says 16ohm 0.5W, so just in case someone is wondering, those are the specs, and its about 35mm in diameter.

I’m sure we can get this off of ebay really cheap.

ok its super hard to find a 16 ohm 0.5W speaker. Is it possible to hookup a 8ohm 0.5W speaker in there?

Thank you

Hi zer0,

Most of the lower cost consumer grade radios such as the Talkabout MH370 do not usually have spare parts available because they are considered “consumable” and not repairable. It would generally cost as much or more to repair them than to purchase replacements.

Business radios, on the other hand, cost more and it is therefore more cost effective to perform some basic repairs.

There is always the possibility of locating used, non-working MH370 radios and cannibalizing them for speakers but the time and cost spent searching for them, obtaining them, pulling parts, testing and installing those parts in your radios won’t be worth it. Consider the time spent so far and you will probably agree that it is much easier and cheaper to just purchase replacement radios.

Suggestions for equivalent replacement radios would be the Motorola Talkabout MR350R, MR350R VP or Midland GXT1000VP4 radios. The MR350R VP is the same as the MR350R with the addition of a two push-to-talk earbuds. The Midland also includes two headsets with boom microphones.

You can hear reviews of these radios in the following episodes of The Two Way Radio Show podcast:

Episode 1 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios (GXT1000VP4)

Episode 3 - Radios in the Woods (MR350R/MR350R VP)

Hope that helps!