Motorola Speaker Connection

Hi Guys,

Hope I’m posting in the right area. I have a Motorola GP68 radio and have purchased two HSN6001B speakers which I would like to connect to it. The speakers have a double pin connection (looks similar to a molex connector on a PC I would guess).

I would like to run these two speakers off my Motorola radio and as you would know (if you are aware of the GP68’s connections) it has a single 3.5mm Mono output.

Is there a way to get these two connected to each other and hooked up to the radio?
I’m fairly confident with soldering etc so hooking the two speakers together and connecting them onto a single 3.5mm mono cable would be no worries. I’m just unsure as to which wire is what as I can’t see any obvious markings. Any advice or help here would be appreciated.

Also finally I think I would definitely need to extend the amount of length of cable (current wire length is approx. 80cm). Is it a simple case of just soldering an extra length on or is this going to reduce the sound quality? Again any advice would be appreciated.

Thankyou in advance to any help.
Much appreciated.


try this

get a pair of cheap or old headphones, plug them into the 3.5mm port on the radio. Listen a bit. You may hear audio in one or both of the headphones.

If you hear only one ear, figure out if its left or right, and use that. DONT use the other one.

Now go to radio shack and buy a cheap 3.5mm STEREO connection cable. Cut one end off. Use a multimeter to figure out which pin is which wire- on the jack, tip is left, ring (middle) is right, and sleeve (base) is common ground. Chances are in the cable white is left and red is right, while an unwrapped braid is ground. This could however be wrong.

But once you figure out which wire is which, splice together the cable into the speaker so that the speaker’s two pins are connected to ground and whatever ear pin you heard audio from. Note that you may need a small inline amp (google for headphone booster amp) to get good audio signal.

Hope that helps!