Motorola rmu2080d

Can this radio also be used as personal use not only business

The Motorola RMU2080d is only FCC type accepted for Part 90, so it can only be used on UHF business frequencies.

If you are searching for a Motorola RM Series business type radio for personal use, you may want to consider the RMM2050. Although it does not have a display like the RMU2080d, both radios are 2 watts and have similar forms and functions. Both radios have the same type of audio connector and use the same accessories. The RMM2050 is also a VHF MURS radio, so you do not need a license to use it.

Thank u I understand that I do have the 2050 I like the display on the 2080. Why is it not possible to use UHF for personal use. They do sell them to anyone is it illegal to use it like a walkie talkie like the 2050. Or can they used around a home etc thank u

What would happen if I just them for personal use and not business. Does it matter what its for. Thank u

FRS and GMRS do use UHF frequencies and are intended for personal use. The RMU2080d uses UHF frequencies allocated for commercial use. Business radios like the Motorola RMU2080d require a license for each business frequency used, which can be rather expensive for individuals.

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Thank that I understand so they can used for basically what ever u want to use them for as long as a liscense is at hand. Is that true ? Thank u plus reason being the radios are far better quality than a bubble pack

The RMU2080d cannot be programmed for UHF GMRS frequencies. It can only be used for UHF business frequencies. When you apply for a business frequency license you will be asked for the name of your business or organization. Business frequency licenses are for commercial or institutional use and are granted to organizational entities, not individuals. The license is valid for ten years and covers everyone in the business or organization who uses the frequency.