Motorola RMN5114 Temple Transducer Headset

I manage a very large and high end nightclub (18,000 sq feet) and run with a large security team (about 15 or more per night). Each of my team members wear a XTN XU1100 and I wear a CLS radio; but the problem is that we have tried almost every headset and different types of pinkies, etc.- but we cannot seem to hear each other clearly enough. Most of my men are military and are familiar with speaking slowly and clearly into the mic, but it is the hearing for us as a whole. I am looking to try the Motorola RMN5114 Temple Transducer Headset, but do not want to invest the money into any additional headsets that are not effective. Anyone use these yet? How visable are they? Is it feasable for me to wear (I have long hair)? And if not, what else do you suggest?

Thanks for all of your help!!