Motorola RDX Series: Squelch tail noise when used with other models

Motorola RDX series radios have a special feature called Reverse Burst which eliminates unwanted squelch noise. Everytime an RDX series radio de-keys (stops transmitting) it sends a “reverse burst” signal that the other radio uses as an indicator to mute, therefore eliminating potential squelch noise.

When you are using Motorola RDX series radios to communicate with radios that do not support the Reverse Burst feature (such as the Mag One or AL series), you may hear brief squelch noise on your RDX radio after the other radio stops transmitting. To avoid this, be sure both radios are using a PL code.

Please note that interoperability between the RDX series and the AX / XTN series will be perfect and no squelch noise will be heard.

More About Reverse Burst

If you are using a standard PL code, you will have the option to choose between these two reverse burst values:

[li][LEFT]180: North American standard value[/LEFT][/li][li][LEFT]240: European standard value [/LEFT][/li][/ul][LEFT]If the user is using DPL codes (digital) the Reverse Burst feature will be enabled by default and the value is irrelevent. [/LEFT]