Motorola RDX Series Business Radios

From our blog:

Motorola has recently released their latest series of business radios: the RDX series. The RDX series will eventually replace the highly popular XTN and AX series’s, and they provide a number of improvements.
The biggest improvement is in voice clarity and loudness. The RDX models are 30% louder, and the sound clarity that Motorola has achieved is simply astounding. The one watt/one channel models have been eliminated and now all of the “low powered” models are a full two watts and have either two or eight channels. Models without a display are available for those wanting simple-as-possible operation. High powered, fully programmable 4/5 watt models will be available soon.

The following is a breakdown of the new RDX models, along with their primary differences.

Model Frequencies Power Channels Display
RDV2020 27 VHF 2 Watts 2 No
RDU2020 89 UHF 2 Watts 2 No
RDV2080d 27 VHF 2 Watts 8 Yes
RDU2080d 89 UHF 2 Watts 8 Yes
RDV5100 27 VHF 5 Watts 10 No
RDU4100 89 UHF 4 Watts 10 No
RDU4160 89 UHF - 4 Watts 16 Yes
(Repeater Capable)

The following features are new, or have been improved with the RDX series.

Transmission Clarity - Motorola radios have always been exceptional in terms of noise reduction and transmission clarity, but with the RDX series they have outdone themselves. There is considerable improvement in clarity even over the AX and XTN series radios.
Loudness - 30% increase over AX and XTN series models.
Battery - All RDX radios come equipped with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries provide more life and are more lightweight than the NiMH batteries used by previous series’s. The 2 watt RDX radios come standard with a 12 hour battery, and the 4/5 watt models include a 18.5 hour battery. Upgraded battery options are also available.
Configurability - All RDX series radios can be configured via a PC using an optional programming cable and Motorola’s Customer Programming Software (CPS). The CPS is a free download from Motorola’s web site.
Ease of Setup - The Customer Programming Software is one way to setup a personality for your radios once, and easily copy the configuration to other handsets. Cloning is another. Using an optional cloning cable, you can easily copy settings from one radio to another.
Ease of Use - By offering several models without a display and front panel buttons, Motorola now has options for customers looking for a straightforward, easy to use radio.
Durability - The RDX series radios have an aluminum chassis and are even more durable that their predecessors.
Voice Scrambling - All RDX models support scramble codes.
All Motorola RDX radios are compatible with AX and XTN series audio accessories. Other accessories such as a multi-unit chargers, extra batteries, PC and cloning cables will be available soon.