Motorola RDX Series: Battery Tips

There are several types of lithium batteries available for the new Motorola RDX radio series: Standard, High Capacity, and Ultra High Capacity. Two watt models (RDU2020, RDV2020, RDU2080d, RDV2080d) include the Standard battery; four/five watt models (RDU4100, RDV5100, RDU4160) include the High Capacity battery.

The high and ultra high capacity batteries are slightly thicker than the standard battery, but the same charger base is capable of charging any battery (stand-alone, or attached to the radio). The way this is accomplished is an ingenious design, but may not be obvious and could cause some issues for those that choose not to read the manual.

The charger has guides that the battery slides onto. These guides are in the perfect location to hold the battery contacts in the right position on the charger.

The plastic piece with the guides can be removed from the charger and reversed to work with a different size battery.

It’s easy to tell which type of battery you are currently setup for. When you’re looking straight-on at the Motorola logo, the current battery type can be read right-side-up on the bottom of the charger.

Chargers come preconfigured for the battery type that was included with the radio, but if you have purchased a different battery or if you are having any of the following issues, you may want to confirm that your charger is set up properly for your battery.

[li]Battery is not charging / Battery life is too short[/li][li]Battery is loose in the drop-in tray or doesn’t adjust properly[/li][li]Rapid red light flashing on drop-in tray charger[/li][li]No light on drop-in tray charger[/ul] [/li]