Motorola rdv5100 rdx

I am trying to find out if the rdv5100 will allow customize frequency settings beyond what is listed. I am trying to configure to my jobs frequency’s which go beyond 158.000 Ex: 161.220.

if not is there a motorola that would allow this?

I believe you cannot change freq’s on these radios. They are preset. Unfortunately I can’t think of any other cheap moto’s that will let you do this. sorry

Yes. The Motorola RDV5100 (and RDU4100/4160d) can be programmed to custom frequencies outside of the standard preprogrammed list. You must purchase the Dealer/Distributor version of the software from a Motorola Dealer. A free version of the software is available but it will only let you choose from preprogrammed frequencies in the radio (same as what you could program by hand using the radios internal menu)

Hope that helps, but yes it is possible.

Thank you, in addition I found out that Motorola will customize a frequency template for other frequencies. You may have to prove your FCC status if the frequencies fall under their restricted list, but they will accommodate at no additional charge.

Mcclammy, that’s awesome to hear. I actually went through my dealer software after you brought this up and I too can create a template of custom frequencies for any user. They would just have to fall within the bandsplit of the radio aka UHF = 450-470mhz.
I can keep the default frequencies AND add customs frequencies OR clear the programming out and create a new custom template of up to 100 frequencies to choose from.

Alexander Brasowski, owner