Motorola Radius

This is my first post so I hope to contribute at least some amount of what I learn here. I have about 8 Motorola Radius radios for vehicles and would like to program these to be used in our equipment, as well as the company is wanting to be able to program them for themselves. Can anyone point me in the right direction to what I need for this. And as always cheapest route is better

what kind of radius and where are you located?

that site is for moto cps. but Radius mobiles depending on which model require different programs. basically all you need is interface cable and program.

Depends on the model. Motorola requires a different software for each radio or “series” of radios, as well as a programming. Motorola software must be purchased through them but cables can be had online from different radio companies. Software is around $300. Genuine motorola cables are $100 or less

Post the model # and I can tell you what software you will need.

Other option is to send them out to a radio company and have them program the radios. Usually costs anywhere from $15-45 per radio

To programme the radios you will require the relevent CPS and lead.

This site is full of useful information for Motorola radio equipment.