Motorola Radius P60

Hi, I have acquired several Motorola Radius P60 2-way radios, which all seem to work, though with only a couple of batteries which only power them for a few minutes even when fully charged (the joys of NiCd!).
Before I go to the expense of replacement batteries, does anyone have any info on these radios, ie. range etc.? as if they are not much better than PMR446 it would make sense to put the money towards buying some of those instead of new batteries!
Also, there are some sellers selling NiMH batteries for these - does anyone know if the original chargers (HTN9267A) will cope with NiMH or kill them?


They were UHF or VHF, and you can’t change the frequencies because they’re cyrstal controlled. I had a pile of these 30 odd years ago, and they were pretty good and quite small. Batteries will be shot being this old - that’s normal and spares tricky. The chargers assume ni-cad batteries so the charge rate will be wrong if you change the type, but being low powered, they’ll be a little better than PMR 446. The frequencies in them will be illegal for you to use. When they were made, the frequencies were different. I doubt anyone would actually notice unless you were unlucky, but changing them to legal frequencies could be done, but expect to pay getting on for £80 for this.