Motorola radio help

I have 3 Motorola Ht750 radios and I have a Motorola MaxTrac unit. Now i am trying to use these on an area with the longest distance between radios of 2-3 miles but no line of sight, the area has some terrain elevations differences nothing crazy just normal back woods hills and woods. I have used the radios with out the base unit thing and i can get i would say about a mile out of them. Now my questions are 1. will the Motorola MaxTrac unit help me gain more distance? 2. Is it a repeater? 3. What kind of antenna do i need for this unit to work 4. What kind of speaker do i need? 5. If i would buy more radios how would i get them all programed to work together? 7. Do i need an FCC id for using these for my personal self 8. If so how much is this FCC ID?

You mean an FCC license. Yes, yes you do. If these radios are Part 95 approved, at minimum you will need a GMRS license if they are UHF. IF they are VHF, you could use them on MURS… IF they are type accepted for MURS and able to have the power turned down to 2 watts.

The only other alternative is to take the amateur radio license test, and get a ham license.