Motorola Radio Battery

Hi guys i have 9.6 volt, Ni-MH Motorola radio battery is rated at 1800 mAH, original one…but from some problem it was damage and now by i had to purchase the same quality battery but the newer one is around 2700 mAH (as per the description given on battery)…so is it comfortable with that manner or not…if u guys have any idea regarding to this stuff than share with. I have any knowledge regarding to this one…give me the proper suggestions about this way…:frowning:

The mAH rating (for batteries) is how long a battery will hold a charge. It just means they will last longer. The voltage is the output.

Thanks jeff for ur kind info…but…still the question of mine are there is…is it affordable that for me to put that 2700 mAH battery…in place of the original one…?
By the anyway thanks for the reply dear…

If you mean, are they safe? Yes, they are safe to use.

put in slightly more words-
The radio cares about the voltage it sees. As long as the voltage of the pack is the same, the radio will work fine and not be damaged.

mAH (milli-amp-hours) is the capacity of the pack. a 1000mAH pack will last for one hour if you connect a device that uses 1 amp (1000mA) of power continuously. If your device uses 1/2 amp (500mA) it will last for two hours. If your device uses 2000mA of power, the 1000mAH will last for half an hour.
A 2000mAH pack will last for 2 hours when connected to a 1000mA load. Hopefully this sort of explains it.

But to sum it up, as long as the new battery is another 9.6v battery, you may safely use it in your radio. The only thing that will damage the radio is too high voltage, which won’t happen if your new battery is the same voltage as the old one.

The one change you will see is that the battery pack will last longer (won’t run out as fast) and may take longer to charge when fully empty. But that’s because the battery stores more energy- it will run the radio for longer, and thus also needs more charger power to get all the way full again.

Hope that helps!

Are you sure…this wouldn’t be create any problem na…?
if than this will be best for me…thanks for your kind suggestions…:slight_smile:

They are safe to use.

Okey…mann…this is been to healthy description on my side…
but as concerned to mine i cleared the way what i want …and thanks for such a technical details…(i don’t know how that comes and fit in to my mind…but whatever…the i got the safe zone than it’s fine…!